Sisal wallcovering

Sisal carré Beige Or





Useful width

Sold per meter, width 90 cm (35”)


100% Sisal on non woven backing

Special remarks

Colors can vary from each production


Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth

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Hand-woven on a traditional loom
Extremely resistant fiber
Sisal reduces erosion

About the fibre

Sisal is extracted from the leaves of the agave plant. As the fibre is extremely resistant, it is often used by artisans to make ropes, rugs and fabrics. The raw fibre is combed to even out the strands, which are then woven in weft by hand on a traditional loom. If the sisal is plain, it will be piece-dyed. If incorporated into a variable design, the strands will be dyed in different colours before being woven to add extra richness and depth of colour.


In this luxurious universe, sisal expresses its precious vision. Its large leaves are individually handlaid and positioned to allow each one to play differently with light. Thanks to the master craftsman’s precision, the extraordinary geometric patchwork reveals the base of the wallcovering, a mix of gloss and matt sublimate the fiber.

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