Shaped through rare craftsmanship

We curate minimalism and naturalism. Sometimes, we even strive for imperfection.

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Plant fibres have become our hallmark. Luminous, because they are born from the light.

Vibrant, because they are born from the wind.

They yield tactile materials that always exude quiet confidence.


Soie havane

Sisal cannage

The work of master artisans

CMO travels the world to find techniques that can’t be found anywhere else. These rare forms of craftsmanship are informed by ancestral knowledge and give rise to exceptional pieces.

Discover our artisans

Working with extreme attention to detail and guided by past generations, the artisans create harmony by taming the rough natural fibres.

We foster close relationships with each of these small family-run units. Every artisan draws on their extensive know-how to master the materials and give voice to their imperfections.


Since the artisans must select the purest fibres, spin the materials, twist and then weave the threads, it is no surprise that it often takes an entire day to make one metre of fabric.

Creative endeavours

Braided, woven, twisted or combined, the materials present their own unique flavour in highly textured pieces. They often incorporate a strong sense of volume, with tassels, rosettes, fringes and more.

Preserving ancestral know-how

Our ambition is to protect the rarest of skills and the ethical environmental practices associated with them. By promoting the transmission of these unique skills, we can help stop this wealth from disappearing.

A sustainable approach

Our choice of natural fibres is guided by a conscious approach to protecting the environment. The plants that yield the fibres have always been part of the landscape and the lives of the people who work with them. They are used responsibly: no deforestation, rapid regrowth, light trimming, etc.