Gesso wallcovering

Gesso Fresque Sable



Useful width

Panels (60 cm x 90 cm (23,6” x 35”))


50% Polyvinyl Alcohol 25% Pigment 17% Calcium 8% Mica on a melamine structure

Special remarks

Also mix with the panels A,B,D - Colors can vary from each production


Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth

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Mineral fiber
Rare craftsmanship

About the fibre

Gesso is a mineral material, modelled like clay in this instance. It is a rare skill that only a few people have mastered. The gesso is hand-sculpted by the artisan using a comb, spatula or knife. As it dries, the material sets and retains its sculpted shape. It takes one person one day to sculpt five meters per person.


Hand-sculpted gesso creates fabulous crackle effects, stripes, fine ridges and a combed design, beautifully enhanced by flashes of gold, silver, copper and bronze. These genuine mineral sculptures present a unique range of options born of the hand of an artisan turned artist.

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