Abaca glow wallcovering

Abaca Zèbre Naturel





Useful width

Sold per meter, width 90 cm (35”)


80% Abaca 20% PL on non woven backing

Special remarks

Colors can vary from each production


Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth

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5 to 7 days to knot 1 kg of fibre by hand
1 week to weave 10 m
Ecological process: the Rewinding process

About the fibre

Abacá, or Manila hemp, is one of the strongest textile fibres. Extracted from the core of the stalk, the fibres from this plant, which belongs to the banana family and is grown in Ecuador and the Philippines (Musa textilis), are used in haute couture fashion and interior design. It can be dyed to produce rich and refined colours while retaining a slightly transparent quality. Since the fibre is obtained through the ecological process of tuxying, the thread is guaranteed to be 100% plant-based. The know-how involved in processing this fibre offers a product with a multitude of creative possibilities for the production of blinds, Japanese room dividers and wall coverings.


Here resides all the poetry of unique abaca marquetry work. In the woven and meticulously assembled herringbone and diamond patterns, it is easy to perceive the artisanal prowess. Heirs to the natural force of abaca, these creations give it the refinement of delicate vibrations, the light playing on its surface creating a slight lustre.

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