Raphia Abaca Naturel


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Mixed raffia

Raphia Abaca Naturel




Lampshade, sliding wall, blind

Useful width

Sold per meter, width 140 cm (55”)


36% raffia 37% Abaca 27% PL

Special remarks

Colors can vary from each production


Vacuum cleaner

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1 day to weave 1 m
Natural fiber

About the fibre

Our raffia weaves are mainly intended for the cladding or upholstery of sliding panels, furniture and headboards. Each stage of the weaving process demands precise, steady and unfaltering gestures. All the fabrics are delicately crafted and add a warm and exotic touch.

Thanks to its lightness and ease of use, raffia is ideal for natural cladding or upholstery. Fiber strips are extracted from the palm leaf and are then used for making mats, horticultural ties, hats and decorative objects.

Our raffia collection reflects a unique craftsmanship. Entirely handcrafted, its manufacturing combines natural materials with very particular weaving, cordage or braiding methods.