Abaca torsadé Naturel Or


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Hanging garden

Abaca torsadé Naturel Or




Sliding wall, blind

Useful width

Sold per meter, width 140 cm (55”)


73% Abaca 23% Copper 4% Silk

Special remarks

Colors can vary from each production


Use a dry cloth

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1 day to weave 1 m
Natural fiber

About the fibre

The twisted abaca weft and its silk warps are meticulously hand-woven on a traditional loom. Abaca is the king of sustainable development. Its cultivation improves the soil’s water retention capacity and prevents flooding and landslides. Abaca waste is used as organic fertilizer for crops. Moreover, there is no deforestation. The banana trees are not pulled up. The trunks are cut forty centimeters from the ground and the plants grow back in two years. Trees are scattered throughout nature and are not planted according to intensive production methods.


Abaca, bamboo, wool, silk and even reed contrast their natural beauty in hand weavings with great skill on traditional looms. In this distant land, paper also joins up with cotton. With its diverse effects, textures and fibers, an authentic botanical style flows through the collection.

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