CMO offers exceptional handcrafted materials some of which can be used for your decorating projects of public places. We are more than happy to provide any assistance or recommendations you may require when carrying out your projects.
For our high-end wallcoverings, you can directly download the Permanent Fire-retardant certificate from the website’s product sheet.
For our fabrics, some fibers may be recommended for various projects in hotels, restaurants or shops throughout the world, after receiving a non-permanent fire-retardant treatment.
Please feel free to contact our sales department for more information, we look forward to serving you.

Our recommandations to assist you in your projects

Fire-retardant treatment
CMO does not perform fire-retardant treatments.
However we will gladly put you in touch with our partner companies who can perform this service and issue you a certificate.

Making blinds or panels
CMO does not offer tailoring but would be pleased to help you and provide you with tailoring tips.

Using our fabrics for wall applications
Most of the fabrics are suitable for hung wallcovering installations. Fabric-covered walls create an authentic and unique effect and also add acoustic qualities to a room. Please note that CMO does not perform wall applications, this remains under the responsibility of the customer.

– Our wallcoverings are permanent fire-retardant
The certificate can be downloaded from our website from the product specifications sheet.

– Creating exclusive colors
Creating exclusive colors depends on the chosen reference and the quantities relating to the projects.
We can review these specific requests together.

From the fields to the workshops: CMO uses most of the natural materials directly available near the production sites for its fabric and wallcovering creations.
All hand-woven fibers are grown and harvested nearby and help to maintain the ecosystem (organic fertilizer for crops, drinking water purification, soil stabilization).
CMO focuses on the values ​​of craftsmanship and supports the communities from which the materials are sourced.


We tend to the needs of all souls with an interest in rare materials : architects, interior designers, creative directors… Although each of their projects is unique and highly personal they all somehow celebrate nature and sincerity. Here are some of our favourites.

Boutique Joailler Suarez | Sapin
Realized by : Agence 4BI & Associés, Bruno Moinard & Claire Bétaille | Photos : © Jacques Pepion
Buri | CMO WPA 04 70

Boutique Louis Vuitton | France
Realized by : Peter Marino
Abaca Light | CMO FAB 05 01

Hôtel de l’Europe | Netherlands

Realized by : Nicemakers

Raphia Feuille de Bananier | CMO WRA 01 70

Blank Top

Realized by : Obumex Interiors | Versluygroep

Photos: © Jan Velinde Photography

Raphia Bud Bud | CMO FRA 01 01

Showroom Kabaz | Netherlands

Abaca Sparkling Wallcovering | CMO WAB 02 84

Enigma Suites | Greece

Realized by : Interior Design Laboratories

Photos: © George Sfakianakis

Abaca Pierre | CMO FAB 01 81

Restaurant Le Divellec | France
Realized by : Studio KO | Photos : © Yann Deret
Rotin | CMO FRO 01 15

Nos autres collaborations

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